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Bullet Journals & Organizing My Time

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Before Bullet Journaling, I used agendas, calendars, post its, note pads with random to-do lists and a couple of iCalendars and Google Calendars. It was a mess, confusing and not functional. If anything, it was overwhelming and unproductive.

The Bullet Journal system took me a while to research and get used to, but once I dived in it has been nonstop for me.

My system is not perfect yet, but I feel much more productive and organized than I was before.

I track things: I used to track habits until I felt that I didn't need to track them anymore. In October, I participate in Inktober Challenge and this spread helped me stay on track!

I plan ahead: I stay focused on my tasks, appointments, and events using this spread. It helps me plan out my months to come. I make enough lines to write down the most important things only.

You can see a bit of ghosting (ink - writing from the other side of the page) because the LEUCHTTURM1917 notebook paper is quite thin, yet smooth and nice to write on. The one I use is off white, dot grid because I find ruled lines and graph paper to be restrictive when it comes to bullet journaling, drawing, doodling, etc.

You don't have to write if you don't want to. You don't have to draw if you don't know how to either. You can cut things out and paste them onto the blank pages. You can create your own spreads and enjoy your creative process. I use my HP Sprocket Printer to print out sticker photos and stick them to my journals. I also use stamps and I doodle a lot! Nothing fancy.

I have been enjoying writing the date in these little boxes with drop shadows. Then I write Bullet points of the item I have to accomplish that day. If I get it done, I cross it out with an X, if I don't get it done that day but need to get it done, I then add a little mark on the left of the bullet. And finally, if the task or event gets canceled, I cross it out altogether. If I miss a day, it's OK, a page is not wasted or left blank, I just write today's date and move on. Sometimes a few days pass by, and that's perfectly fine.

I use fountain pens every day in these journals. I have even used different ink colors for different months or tabs and different notebooks. For the bronze LEUCHTTURM that I used in 2018 - 2019, I chose to only use my Pelican M205 Special Edition Demonstrator pen with Pelikan Edelstein Aquamarine ink both of which I purchased in Germany during that summer.

Currently, I am using the LEUCHTTURM1917 Silver notebook dot grid, and it looks like I will be using it until April or June of 2020. I can roughly calculate how many pages each month will take up. These notebooks, specifically have 251 pages, a Table of Contents page and a pocket on the back inside cover. I'm using a Platinum Preppy custom-fitted eyedropper with De Atrementis Document ink in Black or Pink (fuchsia).

I hope that you start your Bullet Journal journey too!

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