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Charleston, South Carolina in Sketches

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

So, I went to Charleston. One of my favorites cities in the US. The buildings, streets, food and people are all a great excuse to travel to this city and visit every once in a while.

As you can tell from my packing list, I went to relax and vacation at least for the first two days; before I went back to work on my laptop to finish two Books I was designing at the time. At least I enjoyed walking around the streets and sketching some of the historical buildings.

After Charleston, we came back to the island and about a week later left again. This time to NYC. My all time favorite city in the US. Where I was born. And where I enjoy sketching the most.

What follows are a series of pages from the sketchbook I chose to take with me on these two trips and instantly regretted it. This Escoda sketchbook does not hold water well, not the tiniest drop, the colors look dull and the size / proportions felt off. I'll stick with Strathmore, Stillman and Birn, Moleskine and I'm currently stitching together my own sketchbook with Arches cold press paper. More on that later.

With that in mind, please enjoy these few images. They're not all that bad, I think.

During the NYC trip we saw the Broadway Show Beetlejuice and we walked through Central Park. One of my favorite parks to walk through.

Once we got back home, I returned to work as usual.

I am currently working on a few photography and design projects. With Renatus, I am designing books for Recovery Plans and Request Proposals for work, I am also shooting photos for them. Several days a week, I work with All Hands a Hearts in Yabucoa, Puerto Rico. A great non profit organization helping Puerto Rico rebuild after Hurricane Maria. I also design and teach workshops for individuals, shoot photo sessions and occasionally shoot destination weddings. I used to do more weddings than anything else, but since the hurricane, I have not been marketing as much for weddings since my plate is full with everything else. My mental breaks consist of sketching!

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