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Custom made Sketchbooks

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

The excitement has been overwhelming, for me at least. I have in my hands new sketchbooks made in part by me (with some help).

A few years ago I purchased 10 sheets of 22" x 30" Arches Cold Press Watercolor Paper. The best and highest quality paper, I have worked with. I calculated the cuts I would have to make to create my sketchbooks by drawing a quick sketch. I decided to go with three different sizes: 9" x 6.75", 7.5" x 8.25", and finally, 9.5" x 9.5". I wanted flexibility in formats and weight. The thickest one with XX pages is the square format sketchbook.

I am considering making a few to sell, but they are painstakingly difficult to make. It's all hand cut, hand sewn and hand glued. I would consider it if I had an order or two lined up. But for now, these right here in these photos, are just for show...

The cover is a faux leather brown, simple - understated. I wanted something I wouldn't mind getting dirty and scratched.

I remember thinking, I should probably make two square sketchbooks, but then I decided, nah, I want a big fat square sketchbook. It's perfect.

Some pages edges are deckled, some are not. That is because the original sheet was 22 inches by 30 inches. I was able to cut five to six pages from each sheet depending on the size of the sketchbook.

I can't even remember how many spreads or pages are in each sketchbook, they are all different weights, who knows! All I know is, I'm taking one of these babies to NYC this winter.

140 lbs, 200 gsm Cold Press beauty.

And if you're wondering how they perform, here's one filled already! I took this sketchbook with me on my holiday trip to Vermont.

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