• Alicia Kidd

Draw what you see

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

A great way to practice and warm up your hand is to draw what you see in front of you. Right now. What is in front of you? Consider proportions, textures, and layers but concentrate on form. Then you can focus on the shape of the outline of the object or person, then add everything else as needed. You can time yourself to keep it interesting. Sometimes I give myself 5 minutes or 10 minutes to start and then add details.

I take my sketchbook with me everywhere I go. My watercolor set is very portable and minimal. You can see some of it here.

There were moments during the day where I had at least 20 minutes of down time, while photos downloaded or uploaded or both. And in that time, I would take my sketch book, walk around my surroundings and just sketch. Sometimes it would be quick and I would snap a photo and finish the details and colors at home.

I also tried to experiment with gouache. Which for me, was very hard to do on location. I would do a watery wash of watercolor first, and then at home I would refer to the photo from my phone and finish the piece in gouache.

Keep it loose, these are great exercises.

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