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Favorite Pens for Sketching

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

These are the pens I use for drawing, sketching, doodling, and so on.

Fountain Pens

Instrumental for sketching. The fact that you can refill them with any ink you wish is excellent! The flexibility of the nib is also a great feature. These pens are much more ergonomic than most inexpensive pens. They allow you to grip the pen better and therefore squeeze less and use less pressure to write and sketch with, which means less hand cramping, or pain.

These are my favorite fountain pens for sketching. TWSBI Eco, and the Lamy Joy. Both are fitted with an extra fine nib.

What I love the most about the TWSBI Eco is the ink capacity. It can hold more ink than the Lamy Joy. It has become my go-to for trips. In fact, I have been using the Lamy less because refilling the ink converter is a pain for me.

The Sailor InchFude De Mannen with a Fine Nib to Broad Nib is a fun pen to use. The bent nib provides line variety. By flipping the nib, you can achieve thick or thin lines.

Believe it or not, not all fountain pens are expensive. One of the easiest fountain pens to get started with is the Platinum Preppy Crystal, a clear plastic pen, that you could use with ink cartridges or even fill the whole barrel with ink.

Fine Liners & Gel Pens

They have different tip thickness. It’s always a shame when you run out of ink on these pens. Throwing them away seems wrong. Be gentle with the tip.

Technical Pens

These pens come in various point sizes. They can also be refilled with ink, and they are very customizable. I started using these pens in art school. Back then, it was the best way to save money, just refill the ink cartridge and keep drawing. No need to purchase fine liner pens over and over. The good thing about these pens is that they are cheaper than fountain pens.

Dip Pens

These pens are used for calligraphy, some Japanese manga artists use it for outlining, but I like to use them for sketching. You can get a variety of nibs and very comfortable barrels to attach them to. It’s easy to switch between nibs and best of all, you can use a thick India or waterproof ink.

Other Pens

Pilot Parallel Pen & the Pentel Brush Pen are my favorite pens to practice inking and creating black and white graphic doodles or sketches. Both pens use refillable ink cartridges that you can purchase online easily. The Uniball Signo broad white pen is also a great tool to use to add specific bright white details or highlights to a sketch.

tools by alicia kidd
Mechanical pencil, Pilot Paralle, and UniBall Signo white gel pen.

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