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Fountain Pen Friendly Notebooks & Paper

Fountain pen paper
Fountain pen friendly paper & notebooks

I use my fountain pens every day (on rotation). Some papers are not appropriate for writing with fountain pans because it can clog up your pen; depending on the nib size + ink consistency, there could be ghosting or bleed through. I have had ink bleed through three consecutive pages. Choosing the right paper will help improve your writing and overall experience using a fountain pen.

Here are, in my humble opinion, the best notebooks for your writing needs. Whether it's journaling, note-taking, or for courses at any school level. If you're using a fountain pen, the paper quality can really make a difference.

Best by size and use:

Large A4 (11.7" x 8.3"):

• Clairefontaine Classic Clothbound A4, perfect for in-class note-taking with fountain pens.

Note Pad:

• Rhodia Dot Pad Nº 19, size "8.3 x 12.5", dot grid excellent paper for letters, and notes.

Journaling or Note-taking A5 size (5.8" x 8.3"):

• Rhodia A5 Webnotebook, dot grid in Black or yellow.

LEUCHTTURM1917 dot grid. I use these as a Bullet Journal. These notebooks come in a wide variety of colors, ruled, graph grid, dot grid, pages are numbered, and paper is not bleed proof or ghosting proof like the Rhodia. Still, I love this brand, the Company, and the notebooks. I use them every day, and I can't imagine not having one.

Goulet Notebook dot grid Tomoe River paper. This paper is perfect for wet inks and medium or stub nibs (large ink flow). This is where I buy most of my pens, ink bottles, ink samples, paper, and accessories. The Goulet Pen Co. is a great company!

Travel size (approx. 3" x 5"):

Clairefontaine Basic Staplebound Pocket Duo - Black & Tan, Lined

Clairefontaine Pocket size, which I use for my Midori Traveler's passport size or my Chic Sparrow (The Odyssey Deluxe Hera - Pocket Plus) Passport size NoteBook Cover. This one is discontinued. However, Chic Sparrow creates beautiful leather covers for many notebook sizes, Traveler's Style.

Field Notes Notebooks - Pitch Black, Dot-Grid. I love these for individual project planning, interview note-taking, and short term bullet journaling during trips.

A7 Rhodia Pocket Size Notebook, Graph. Excellent paper, a tiny notebook, great for notes.

A Little Larger but Still Very Travel Size:

Moleskine Two-Go Notebook, Medium (4.5" x 7"), Ruled-Plain, Hard Cover It took me a while to find this notebook online. I had initially purchased it at Marshall's, for no reason other than, I love Moleskine notebooks. Can't get enough of it, the paper is smooth, and it's great to have one side (right side) ruled and the left side blank. Perfect for doodles and quick sketches!

Story Supply Co. not sure what happened to their dot grid paper; they now come line ruled, graph, or blank. Which is why I haven't re-purchased these beautiful small notebooks. The paper quality is impressive, smooth, off-white, and great for fountain pens. Once I get over my aversion to change, I will bring myself to purchasing another 3-pack. To be very honest, out of all the pocket-size notebooks I have tried, this one is my absolute favorite. Similar in size to Field Notes pocket notebooks (3.5" x 5").

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