• Alicia Kidd

Holiday sketching in Vermont

For the holidays, my family and I travel to Vermont. It’s become our little tradition. We fill our days with hot cider, skiing and driving around the country roads (sometimes not on purpose).

We go into every antique shop, every country store and every maple syrup shop or sugar house we can find. This year was particularly fun, because we had no snow during our trip and we had to change things around and try new things, explore new activities and walk around new roads. It was great!

We did a carriage ride, and some cider drinking, not at the same time. We also went Christmas Gift shopping for stocking stuffers and other special gifts that you only find in Vermont. We went to a beautiful midnight service at a beautiful church in Burlington.

We drove through Manchester, the town we plan to have our wedding in October. Yes, I’m getting married in October 2020!

I’ll admit, I didn’t have the time to sketch on location, but I sketched in Vermont at the hotel. I finished a few pages at home and learned just how much water arches paper can take.

We tried our best, Eric and I, to make Christmas special. I personally, and Eric finally agreed, want to cut down on mindless spending during the holidays. And so for next year, I want to make it a point to make presents, not buy them and, make the holidays a special time with home cooking, fresh baking & lots of love.

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