• Alicia Kidd

Inktober 2019

This year I chose to keep it simple and it worked.

Without a specific theme, and specific tools, there's less pressure and more opportunity to complete a challenge. I decided to use a specific sketchbook for this challenge, to reiterate that these drawings are not final pieces. They are experiments, exercises and studies to improve my sketching skill overall. The reason for this challenge is to improve. So, lets see if I improved.

Here are my take-aways

31 days of drawing everyday taught me:

• Looser lines

• Quickly captured gestures and scenes

• Draw from life everyday - not from images

• When I felt inspired or motivated, I wold add watercolor or shading using ink

• Loose lines straight with ink is a good exercise for warming up the hand.

Back in art school the first semester was B&W, meaning that we were not allowed to use colors in any class only black and white tools to learn value and observation. It made things easier, you see color is a subject that should be tackled after you learn the basics of drawing and sketching like perspective, line variety, composition etc. Our materials were pencils, charcoal, and India ink. That's it. And it was fun! Inktober takes me back to those days and I will continue to fill the Moleskine Sketchbook and keep it ink related for the most part.

A flip through video of my sketchbook:

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