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Instagram’s community of Sketchers

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

If you flip through Instagram and search for sketchers or urban sketchers you will find a repertoire of people from all over the world who sketch. It’s impressive, the discipline, and talent you will find just wandering around these Instagram pages.

These are just a few of the homes and buildings that I have sketched on location as urban sketches. From top left, Yabucoa Puerto Rico, Somewhere in Germany close to France, Charleston South Carolina, Puerto Plata Dominican Republic, Dresden Germany, New York City, NY, & Manchester Vermont.

There are many hashtags you could follow to see some of the best sketches daily. These are my favorites to follow:





There is also #sketchcrawl which are group outings in different towns and cities around the world. But due to Covid-19 Pandemic and Quarantine and isolation, you'll see artists sketching their homes, plants, food, and many other creative corners within their space.

With Urban sketching, you really don't have to get on a plane and travel to an exotic island. You just need to sketch what you see in front of you.

It also should be a sketch. Not a final, beautiful piece. More like a study or a quick capture of a place, how it looked at that moment. Some amazing people to follow on Instagram are Liz Steel, USK Charlie, & Paulo J. Mendes.

I hope this serves as inspiration :)

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