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Making Mini Sketchbooks for myself

Yesterday, I decided to create a mini sketchbook for myself. I ended up with two. I have a 7"x7" spiral-bound sketchbook that I have never been inspired to use. I decided to rip 20 pages out of it and create something useful with them! I gathered all the materials that I would need:

One Free People reusable shopping bag to make the cover with

One 11x17 cover paper sheet a printer gifted me as a sample for postcards

An xActo knife I've had since college

a few paper clips

One plastic bone folder creaser

An awl

A regular needle

A regular spool of white thread (I thought the waxed thread would be too thick)

An HB Pencil and a ruller

An unused sketchbook purchased 9 years ago. The brand is Art Alternatives.

A small bottle of Aleene's Clear gel Tacky Glue & one Elmer's Craft Bond Extra Strengh glue stick

Folding the paper and creating signatures, three sheets per signature.

Sowing up the signatures.

Cut and pasted the cloth of the shopping bag and glued it to the cardboard. The cloth was glued down with the glue stick and the first page of the first signature was glued down to the inside cover with the gel glue, as well as the spine to the cover.

While the glue dried, I left the books on my desk underneath a few heavy books. Meanwhile, I made myself a bbq chicken sandwich for lunch.

They are slightly different in size, but I do not set out to make them the exact same size.

One is 3.5" x 3.25" and the other is 3.5" x 3.5"

This paper is thin but great for pencil sketches, colored pencils, and maybe ballpoint ink.

I'm looking forward to taking these out and sketching with them. They fit perfectly in a small bag or purse.

Testing a few pens I plan on using. & Taking a look at the back of the page to check for bleeding & ghosting.

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