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Updated: Jan 17, 2020

For the past 9.5 years, I have been day dreaming of creating holiday cards or postcards featuring my French bull dog Yen-yen He’s my (almost) 10 yr old puppy, my best friend and my cuddle buddy. You can catch his misbehaving little butt on his Instagram page. He’s full of personality!

Last year I set a goal to start creating these cards for sale, and so I did! I was given a sketchbook as a Christmas present, I filled it with ideas for postcards and stickers.

Sketching and creating things have always been a passion of mine. I’m hoping to, at some point, create a zine with all the postcards final design and sketching process. Here’s a quick preview of what that would look like:

I have many more ideas for other holidays and special events, I can't wait to turn these sketches into reality!


I’m considering opening a request form for commissions. If someone would like to order a holiday card of their pet. I have been asked about it, and I think tat I could make the time to sketch your pet instead of mine!

But for now, this is what I got. And it’s what I need to get out of my system.

line drawing of Yenyen the French Bulldog in Halloween costume
Line drawing of Halloween postcard. Yenyen and his dinosaur costume. .

If you happen to want to order any of these beautiful postcards, I suggest the bundle set. It includes 10 Valentine's Day postcards, 6 Easter, 10 Christmas + Holidays, 3 Father's Day, 6 Halloween, 6 Thank you! postcards, & 6 Happy Birthday. This set changes as I add more cards to it. They are high quality postcards, made to order and limited series. Check them out here: Store

Thank your for your support!

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