• Alicia Kidd

Preparing for Inktober 2019

One month, ink only, everyday. What could go wrong?

I started "trying" to participate in Inktober since 2017 and have been failing miserably ever since. My best attempt was a Cactus a Day the following year, but I never did 31 sketches. Mostly because I didn't have 31 cacti and I had stipulated in my rules that I would only draw cacti from life. So, I ended up drawing other things, like where I was staying during my short trip to Charleston and where I went to in Wisconsin. So, I did not stick to my main plan, but I did sketch almost everyday. And just for that I gave myself a pat on the back.

This year, I was writing in my bullet journal a few ideas on what to do for Inktober, when suddenly, suspense! I received an update email from my favorite watercolor artist in world, Liz Steel. You can subscribe to her blog and get updates on her posts too. Anyway, it's about Inktober and her idea, is to sketch her everyday whereabouts in line drawing using ink from her fountain pens. I'm thinking I may take that idea and roll with it too. Since my bullet journal had maybe one soso idea and two sucky ideas.

I'm going to start a new sketchbook, this time I am trying out a Molskin Watercolor Journal. The pages look much thinner than what I am used to, but my idea is to carry something light and sleek to do line drawing and maybe some light washes. I will be traveling in October, I hope to keep up with the challenge and have some time to do some sketching of my own.



Pentel Pocket Pen

TWSBI Eco inked with De Atrementis Document Black

General's Water soluble graphite pencil

Pentel Aquabrush

Custom Watercolor Palette

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