• Alicia Kidd

Puerto Plata Urban Sketching

Mid-October 2017, I went to Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, to teach various photography workshops. I was, of course, trying to keep up with Inktober while I was traveling and working all day, every day. Nonstop.

I asked my sister to drive me around town so that I can sketch some houses and scenes before I go back home. While walking around the beautiful city of Puerto Plata, I managed to do some loose watercolor sketching of individual Victorian and colonial houses and abandoned buildings as well.

There is a particular home that is now a pharmacy and once owned by my great grandparents.

I would love to return and sketch more, especially the local people. We moved on from there, and I kept sketching until daylight went away. After that, we went to dinner.

And then I laid out the color using a Winsor & Newton Cotman travel palette, it took maybe 15 minutes and so the sunset just as I finished the sketch. These kids were happy to help me light the building with their scooters for the picture.

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