• Alicia Kidd

Sketching Yabucoa, Puerto Rico

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

There are things that we see when we visit a new place that are unique and beautiful, but to locals, those things are just ordinary. This is why many artists and photographers are hired to produce images about a city or country they do not live in. It's harder for locals to see the uniqueness of where they live because they are used to seeing these things everyday. But when you take it upon yourself to sketch, and observe, you find that everything around you, is worth sketching, painting or photographing.

Many urban sketchers get on a plane and fly far away from their homes in order to make amazing sketches of other buildings in other countries. But why go so far?

There are many unique things inside or even just outside your home. Right in your neighborhood, or your city. Just a quick walk or car ride and you could sketch something different everyday.

There are groupings of colorful mailboxes, houses stacked with no planning what-so-ever, creating beautiful neighborhoods or Barrios. You’ll see abandoned houses with an antique sofa on the front porch.

Driving around the mountains of Yabucoa, you'll find a variety of architectural styles that are original and undocumented in any way.

There are also odd pets, like scruffy looking dogs, peacocks and very large pigs. You'll also find, like many other towns on the island, horses in people's yards. As well as goats, geese and chickens. And not just up in the mountains, you'll find many of those animals in and around urbanizations, gated neighborhoods and even apartment buildings.

There are so many beautiful things to draw and they are all just waiting for you to look at them!

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