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Summer Travels (2018)

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

In July 2018, I traveled to Europe with my family. We started our trip in Dresden, Germany.

This beautiful structure was next to our hotel in Dresden, Germany.

During the drive from Germany to France, we searched for Castles. While we saw a few castle-like structures from a distance, when we looked one up on Apple Maps, we ended up at what seemed more like a cottage than a castle. Lost in translation, I guess!

While in France we visited Monet’s house in Giverny. While I was not able to sketch, I did take many pictures to have reference for a few sketches I wish to create of that specific part of the trip.

After visiting every tourist site Paris has to offer, we flew to Italy. And there, we walked all of Rome. The number of things and people I wanted to sketch was overwhelming. I need to revisit Rome and take my time to draw every second of it. I tried to take in the moment and not sketch or take pictures all day. I wanted to live the experience.

Quick sketch of stained glass decoration on a ceiling of a café in Rome, Italy “Colibrí.”

After Rome we flew to Frankfurt, Germany, to finish our Europe Summer Trip. I took many pictures to hopefully sketch some houses, shops, and roads of Frankfurt’s historical side. That will most likely be posted on Instagram.

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