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Update on my cacti

Cacti make great house plants. Especially for people like me who travel a lot. I have many succulents and cacti that I have been sketching for the past few years. Keeping a record of these plants has been fun. Seeing them grow and transform into bigger versions of themselves has been very cool, especially when I know I sketched them before, during and after their growth spurt.

Let’s see, these little pots of cacti were at one point from just one cacti that I had purchased around 2012. It just transformed into something completely different. Of course, they didn’t all survive. But the two that did, have done wonderfully and the biggest one has a few little buds which are now doing great as well. To think the both came from one cacti.

And it's brother, who is now about 5 feet tall and 4 feet wide. What bigger pots can do!

This one may have been a gift, I’m not even sure. I may have gotten it around 2009 and just last year I transplanted it into a much bigger pot, knowing fully well it will take off.

water color sketches cacti
This baby on the left was more of a bonsai cactus of sorts. She was planted in a tiny terracota pot and about 10 years later transfered to a much bigger ceramic pot, where she grew in just two months.

You can purchase these and many other sketches of my cacti in the shop.

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