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Winter travels (2018-2019)

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Every year my fiancé, his daughters and I go to Vermont during the winter. We spend Christmas morning skiing in Stowe and a few days shopping in antique stores in Burlington and Shelburne. This year at the last minute, we decided to drive north to Montreal, Canada, for the New Year. I took an accordion style 6” x 4” sketchbook, the Twsbi Eco inked with De Atrementis Document Black and my custom watercolor pallet with Windsor and Newton Professional Watercolors.

Our tradition is to spend Christmas in Burlington, Vermont. Enjoy the snow and ski on Christmas Day. We travel from San Juan to New York City and drive up to Vermont. The drive is long but entertaining, we always stop at a Dunkin, and this time we took the ferry route.

loose watercolor sketching on plane by Alicia Kidd
On our way from Puerto Rico to New York. Loosening up my hand on the plane by sketching quickly.

Most people escape the cold, and travel to warmer places for the winter. Not us. We love snow and enjoy winter sports, sights, and smells (mostly maple).

loose watercolor sketch by Alicia Kidd
Bolton Valley christmas day is a great way to spend time with family.

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