Mother's Day!

Mother's Day!

These Mother's Day themed postcards are part of a series of cards & prints featuring Yen-yen, Alicia's french bulldog. This puppy is full of personality and these drawings are just a snippet of his daily adventures and nonsense.


Set of 10 beautiful postcards.

• 5 postcards say: Happy Mother's Day

• 5 postcards say: Happy Mother's Day to my mom, my trainer, my chauffeur, my groomer, my toy finder, my pooper scooper, my hero, my nemisis, my servant, my butt scratcher, my chef, my best friend.


Size 5" x 7"


Paper quality is higher than a regular postcard. Sketch side has a soft touch. Paper is 100% Cotton.


*All proceeds go to Yenyen Kidd for his medical bills. More on this frenchie follow him on Instagram.



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